eHost Review - Should You Pick eHost as Your Web Host?

What do you need from a good web hosting service? Is it good response time or high server uptime? eHost manages to do both and a lot more.


With big players like Bluehost, you might wonder whether you really need to go to eHost. While companies like Bluehost have made it big, eHost has a charm of its own. eHost has been providing hosting services since 1998 and is based in Houston, Texas.


It serves hosting to more than a million websites each month, and is known for providing cPanel based shared hosting at low prices.



What’s new about eHost Web Hosting?


Even a few years back, eHost found it difficult to compete with other big players. While the new players seemed to move on to a better user interface with a wider range of features, eHost stuck to its same old formula. And that's where they lacked as a web hosting platform choice for many website owners.


However, that changed last year. eHost was re-branded in 2015 and was given a new hosting panel as well as a new website layout. Like several other leading hosting providers, eHost too, now runs on cPanel which is reliable and feature-rich.


With more and more individuals opting for eHost as their web hosting provider, here are some of its salient features.


  • Simple to use – The drag-and-drop site builder is available with more than a thousand pre-designed templates making it an ideal choice for people who wish to build a website but have little or no experience in the field. The user can upload images, publish content and also create customized webpage, slideshow, galleries and contact form without writing any codes.


  • Extremely affordable – At a whooping half-price discount, eHost is available for just $2.75 monthly which includes all basic features needed to run a small website.


  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed – Unlike other web hosting providers, eHost offers an amazing 45-day money back guarantee so that the user has ample time to test it and analyze the support and services it has to offer. The domain price is however deducted from the refunded amount.


  • cPanel – eHost has one of the easiest cPanels to use for any website owner today. You can do all complex develop functions that include installing custom scripts, adding new domains or creating new email addresses within the account.


  • Marketing credits for free – Chances are, you will need to market your website when you launch it. eHost offers its clients who opt for a new hosting plan $100 each of Yahoo/Bing network advertising and Google Adwords credits. This is quite useful in making initial sales and building up the brand.



The Negatives


If you have high-traffic websites, eHost may not be the choice for you. This is because they only offer shared hosting services and not VPS or dedicated servers. However, websites with moderate traffic that do not need a VPS needn’t worry about this and should be able to use eHost without any problems.



Overall Verdict


Websites which are running on eHost have shown above average results as far as their uptime and performance is concerned. With a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and websites loading in under 3 seconds, eHost is a promising, efficient and reliable web hosting provider of the future.

eHost web hosting
eHost web hosting
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