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    I tried a couple free hosting plans some years back and that was one of the biggest most newbie mistakes I have ever made. Every time I turned around the site was down and when it was up it was slow as a turtle.

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        I think that this is a great article and there were some good points made. I think that if you are strapped for cash and you are just starting out then a free web hosting might be good. If you already know what you want and you have the money to get a little extra then a paid web hosting would be the right way to go.

          • Geeze, losing all your website data would suck. Those are some good points, but I think if someone's really strapped for cash and they have a great idea, a free web host is probably the better choice.

              • If you're trying to sell stuff, cant have ads on your site so I understand where you are coming from, but for most blogs and such it wotn be so bad.

                Just dont forget to monitor the traffic you get, and determine if you can make more money by paying for a host, and making your own ad revenue, than letting someone else give you a free site and you get nothing.

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                    Free stuff is usually just good for testing, at least in my experience. With regards to the cheap ones, well, one can only get what one pays for. Then again, there may be a truly good choice out there somewhere. It's just not easy to find.

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                        I wouldn't consider free hosting as a serious thing. I had a teacher once, who told me that people won't never fully trust someone who gives products or services for free, so even if your client can't affort your service, bill him with something you consider he would apreciate and you will gain a client and a friend who can get you more costumers.

                        As for web hosting concerns, I would only use them for school proyects, but even for that is a bit dangerous in case the site crashes, and one would lose credits for free

                          • Interesting contrast. I hadn't considered there were so many factors in order to make a decision.