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iPage is a reasonable hosting but for smaller sites

Seemi Ashraf
Lahore Punjab

I had been on ipage hosting for 2 years. Hosted around 10 websites in total in my account including 7 WordPress blogs.

It was easy to setup. So many applications to chose from. Price cheaper than others in the start. paid $52 in the start for 2 years and also got a free domain. Had problem pointing a domain to the hosting so contacted support and issue was resolved within 18 hours.

So overall everything was fine till my site were new and had less number of visitors. But once the site got older and traffic started to increase the problems started. 503 forbidden error every now and then, slow opening of sites, unable to upload files most of the times. And when files do upload it takes so much times for files in the size of Kbs to upload.

Contacted the support they asked me to decrease the usage. In the beginning when I registered It was mentioned on the "Unlimited" that its actually not unlimited bandwidth and resources. But I wasn't sure that only a few thousands visitors per day will excess the limits.

I had so many files and huge databases so was unable to transfer my sites from iPage so easily. So I had to resize all my image files and stopped sharing my posts on social media to decrease the bandwidth usage.
These were very hard times. But once the traffic decreased all was good again.

And here comes the renewal and It was $80+ with no coupon working. So It was a big jump from $2 a month to $80 per year. So that made me leave the iPage hosting and I transferred my sites from them.

So overall if you have small sites with less traffic (preferably static sites) than its a good choice.

For the best rates register for maximum years in the start when signing up. As the rates are low in the start but higher at the time of renewal.

If you are stuck with any hosting related issue don't be afraid of contacting support they are good at that. And if you want to keep on working with them don't host those sites with them that have large traffic or high resource usage.

BlueHost is great

Bianca Green

Kingston Jamaica

I was very satisfied with Bluehost.

Customer support is good, the agents on live support were very helpful. I don't have any issue with this hosting company.

I have used them for 4 years and was a renewing customer, I was a bit disappointed by the renewal price they offered me afer 4 years of hosting and I was seeing better offers elsewhere so I decided to leave.

The customer support did try to find ways to ensure I did not leave but i had already made up my mind. Apart from the price though, they are amazing!

I recommend.

IPage - Solid Service for Great Price

Richard Guadagno
Warren NJ

Being a novice website creator, the task of bringing my very own website to life felt like a tall order. It was quite intimidating at first. 

However, luckily for me, IPage made my life so much easier. If you’re like me and you’re not exactly a tech expert, this company is the perfect place to start.

What IPage offers is an extremely simple base for creating your own website. While it’s true that other hosting sites will have more options, including the use of the popular CPanel, IPage’s user interface is much more basic and easy to navigate for a beginner, or even an intermediate user. 

Installation of services such as Wordpress could not be easier to install. After you create your IPage account, it’s as simple as clicking on the Wordpress icon to have your own blogging website. They also offer services outside of Wordpress such as Weebly for site creating. 

Their Weebly setup comes with a fantastic “drag and drop” application which allows for very easy creation.

Even with all of that, the best selling point is their price. As of the writing of this review, IPage has $1.99 per month fee which is much better than the competitors. They do offer options which cost more but come with additional features such as Facebook and Google ad credits, which allow for easy promotion.  

Unfortunately, with the price point comes a few downfalls. It’s not a perfect service. The website loading times are a bit slower than the more expensive hosting sites. There were a few occasions where my site would actually time out while trying to load. They also have a pretty weak webmail system which has been thoroughly documented on the Internet. There are occasions when the mail system doesn’t actually deliver the emails you send out, and you have to monitor your messages to make sure to avoid that issue.

The aspect that they excel at most, though, is their excellent customer service.  I didn’t have problems very often, but when I did, they made my life much easier by talking me through the fixing steps in Layman’s terms so it was easy to understand.  I never had to wait more than an hour to be back on track. 

I’d recommend this hosting site for anyone that doesn’t want to take the time to become an expert website creator, and just wants to get one out to the world in a quick and efficient way.

Bluehost review

Linda Stanley
Chicago Illinois

Bluehost is a web hosting company I have used over a couple of years. I have been creating Wordpress powered websites. Bluehost offer a lot of web hosting services as I have seen earlier before I started using them. The reason why I opted in for Bluehost is that they preach 24/7 customer care and so on.

Bluehost’s cpanel has a good value, whereby its menu items are well organized as is its easy to access CloudFlare integration.

There is also easy one-click installs for a wide range of common apps such as Wordpress and Drupal via MojoMarketplace (previously known as SimpleScripts), easy creation of email accounts with help configuring your email client, easy setup of FTP accounts with help configuring your FTP client, easy setup of databases, a web-based file manager if you don't want to use an FTP client, phpMyAdmin.

So anybody who is not technology inclined can walk himself through without having issues. Bluehost also gives away 100 dollars adwords free credit for US customers and that's worth it.

But where I have had problems with them on occasion is their customer support - sometimes waiting 30 minutes in a queue.

Their server is always up and running so over the years I have used Bluehost I have not experienced any server issues and the websites have been fast.   

Blue Host Is Best In Terms of Service and Price

Peter Norman
Pheonix Arizona

I have been using Blue Host shared server for the last four years with Wordpress hosted on it. Wordpress is a powerful CMS and it always hit a high CPU consumption if not properly configured, but with Blue Host I never faced such an issue on my server. Even with a large number of plugins installed on my website.

Blue Host provides lots of customization on their servers which you will unlikely to get free of costs on other servers. It gives excellent support for leading CMS including Joomla, Drupal Mojo Marketplace, and some ecommerce solutions. Built-in cloud storage and servers offer great speed that has enhanced website experience while browsing a website. At Blue Host, I find it easy to configure my server because they have provided lots of add-ons for one-click installation that will even help a beginner to setup server, email accounts, and databases.

One of the best things I have experienced with Blue Host is their 24/7 customer services, and they haven’t let me down while solving any of the technical issues of my website. Most of the customer support representatives are technically skilled, and Blue Host have highly secured, fast and state-of-the-art servers to cater the requests of browsers in milliseconds.

Blue Host is cheap, reliable and provides 99.9% uptime to customers. If I compare it regarding support, feature and value of my money, I would rate it 9/10.

Some time back, I had some issues with my website due to the high volume of traffic that choked our servers and we had no other option than switching to a dedicated server, but Blue Host team smartly fixed the issue and helped us to manage the load on the shared server. It was incredible and saved us a lot of money on shared hosting.

One of my experiences about transferring the domain to Blue Host was little inconvenient. Since I contacted the sales team to get my website moved to their server was smooth, but the support mishandled the transition process. They told me that the change of name server will get through in hours, but it took more than a day updating the name server, and that caused little frustration while dealing with the company.

Overall, it is safe and reliable hosting provider.

Having a nice time with eHost

Sara Khan
Islamabad Pakistan

Its been one and half year since I have purchased my hosting at eHost.


At that time they were offering $1.99 per month hosting. So it was cheap to start (purchased for 2 years so not sure about how much renewal will cost per month).

Overall having a good time hosting my 2 sites there. In the start I was having trouble in transferring my sites to eHost from my previous Godaddy account. As all was good but images in my media library were not showing. So contacted the support by creating a support ticket. I was replied to within 24 hours and the issue was resolved after a couple of communications on this ticket.

To date I haven't experienced any downtime or any server error or any other kind of issue in managing my sites on eHost. Currently my DB size on one site is around 1 GB and total of 15 GB space used in hosting so far as I am hosting my wallpapers site there. Bandwidth usage is around 180GB per month. And with all that usage my sites are flowing nicely there.

Only issue I want them to improve is adding more applications in hosting accounts. Some other similar hosting companies have more options.

Apart from that I myself haven't contacted their support after my registration. But a couple of my friends who are also using them (after I recommended them ) are facing some long delays or no response recently by eHost support team.

But surely if you have a site that you can manage at your own without any support required (like me) then they are good as they won't interfere much about your file sizes, what you are hosting there or bandwidth or resources usage.

Siteground Review

Apeh Ikechukwu
Enugu Nigeria

Formed in 2003, Siteground has been a very reliable web hosting company all through.


They provide web hosting for individuals, small business and other higher categories, offering Linux-based hosting, cloud, dedicated and reseller web hosting packages. They also offer WordPress  and Joomla separate web hosting packages.


These hosting packages have three levels each which includes; the StartUp, the GrowBig and the GoGeek levels depending on your budget and the project involved. Siteground is ideal for bloggers and web developers because they support several free applications such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress - making it potentially a good choice for web designers and bloggers who favor this type of software.


Siteground is an impressive web hosting company. Although I got to know about them just two years ago, I have a lot to say about their awesomeness. I particularly have been a victim of so many poor hosting companies which I would mention but a few; Arvixe, Hostmonger, etc. Some of the problems I encountered with many hosts include: site deleting from a server, poor customer care service and difficulty when it comes to uploading a website or a theme when using Wordpress on such host servers.


I got to know about Siteground as a web developer when I had to deliver a project to a client urgently. I had finished building the site on my laptop, and wanted to upload it to a dedicated server of a certain web hosting company. After the upload, I called the client and told him the url with which he could access the website, and behold, the site was deleted from the dedicated server. The worst part was that all efforts to contact the host’s customer care unit yielded no fruits, thereby ruining my reputation. They kept on giving me flimsy excuses and till today, the host account and the site are nowhere to be found on their data farm.


A friend who is also a web developer told me about Siteground. I told my client to give me some hours for me to get the site up. Within some minutes, the site was up and that saved my reputation. Since that time, I’ve always used Siteground for all my contracts and they haven’t disappointed me once. My clients have never complained of any downtime or server time out problem.


Their customer support is outstanding and second to none I must confess. They boast about a 10 minute response time to their tickets, and that's no idle boast.  Since my 4 years of being a developer, I’ve not come across a company like them. Although their cost for hosting is quite higher than that of some other companies, you get the value for your money.


You want to get the best out of your investment on web hosting as a blogger or a web developer? Go for siteground, not only will you be happy you did, you’ll have peace of mind and will have to fear nothing.

Wix Review

Abdul Wasiu
Ilorin Nigeria

Hello! I am Wasiu and I want to share my experience so far while using Wix.


Well I have used Wix hosting and web designing platform way back in the year 2014 to develop a website (www.naijaripe.com) though the website is not running anymore.


All I can say about it is that it is good especially for beginners who have no experience in web programming , development and also they offer free domain name for one year which would be when you upgrade to their premium plan (called “Combo”). They have lots of custom domains including: .com, .org, .net, .co.uk and .info. and many more of your choice. Their renewal prices start at $14.95 per year.


If you upgrade to their plan called “Connect Domain” package (and higher) then you will be allowed to transfer your existing domain to Wix or point it from another domain registrar to Wix.


Their editor is very easy to understand - no need to be a professional in web designing when you are using the Wix platform. If you have any ISSUES, the FAQ section will help and also their fast responding customer support. Short introductory videos give instructions on the different functions.


This is what makes me like them most because they have great response times and generally smart responses that I could comprehend when I put in a ticket. Their site builder was extremely easy to understand contrasted with WordPress.com and offered a great deal more for a free site.


I am also astonished with the level of elements this site builder has as I was at first expecting to be very constrained and they never left me feeling like there was anything missing which I required.


But there is one component I will complain about which is the cost; The cost is entirely high for a site (144 USD a year! furthermore, just 10 GB space for it!) expecially for a small site it deteriorates when the only main email choice is Google applications for work which is a significant extra cost ($50 every year per account).


Generally speaking, I'd recommend Wix however it would be much better to purchase if it was cheaper. Try and search around for Wix deals and coupons for a good purchase.


Agnes Kemi
United States

Even though my website was on SiteGround for a short while, it never experienced any downtime. According to SiteGround's official logs for uptime, they experienced an overall ninety nine point nine percent uptime that month and ninety nine point six percent uptime that year. That is very impressive!

Based on what they claim, they have a special software that prevents downtime by discovering and fixing in real time server issues without the help of a human. If that is true, then its definitely very impressive and deserves a lot of credit.

Based on my experience, SiteGround is one of the best hosting companies when it comes to shared web hosts that are fast. At the time, response time of my site was below two hundred milliseconds on an average. Isn't that just great? According to SiteGround, they only use the best and trending hardware technology. They claim that in order to ensure maximum performance of their servers, they move their users accounts from old servers to faster, upgraded and new servers.

Also very importantly, their customer support department is a very effective and useful one. It is one of the major reasons SiteGround is perfect for beginners. When I messaged them, they replied to me with a specific reply unlike the template replies some other companies use.

When I first submitted a support ticket regarding data transfer from my previous hosting server to their servers, I received a reply in just 6 minutes and they told me they were already working on the transfer. Although the transfer was not successful because it turned out they had a 1 Gigabyte limit for migrating sites and they did not check my site's size before commencing the migration.

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