Wix Review - Web Hosting and Website Design: Is it for You?

Wix web hosting
Wix web hosting

Practically every business needs a web page these days to expand their business and sell or promote more products. Unfortunately, not everyone is a web designer. Until a few years ago, you could only build webpages if you either had the knowledge, or hired someone who did.

Now, you can build a beautiful, fun and interactive site from the ground up with several different web hosting sites- but the top grossing website builder every year is Wix.com.

In our review of Wix web hosting service, we'll highlight what we feel are the best parts of Wix. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you'll have a clearer understanding of what Wix web hosting does, as well as the marked benefits it may have for your business if it is suitable for you.

Wix has a wide variety of designs that are great for a lot of different niches

Wix advertises how flexible their services are, and in reality, the amounts of people that use their software builders are immense:

-Restaurant services
-Hotels and other hospitality services
-Website E-Commerce businesses
-Storefront-type businesses
-Small businesses or entrepreneurs

The software is great as you can build a website for free, and then after you've established an authoritative base you can upgrade if desired for additional functionality.

Wix has one of the most innovative tools out of its competitors

Most website design sites or web hosting services have site building tools that will only allow you to make partial changes to the template – it can be hard to arrange items where you want – especially with things like headers and footers.

The biggest advantage of Wix is a truly free flowing editor – you can move things pretty much wherever you want and add from lots of built-in items (text, images, shapes and more) with handy highlights that tell you when things are aligned correctly.

Wix also regularly update their codes, programs, features, and applications. There are lots of built-in themes to choose from but also an app store where extra functionality can be added (e.g. tools to increase traffic, add analytics and custom elements like forms).

Downsides and considerations

There are things to consider in making sure Wix would be right for you. The site builder is so easy to use partly as a result of abstracting away the underlying HTMLand CSS coding that makes up your website. If you are someone that likes to tinker with the code directly this won't be for you.

Wix does allow the option of adding custom HTML code to the page but does not give access to the raw code.

For most people this shouldn't be a problem, especially as you can sign up and build your site for free (and so make sure that you can do everything you need to do using the tools provided) before upgrading later.

Closing words

Wix is a great way to get a presence on the internet – especially for those who might have been intimated by the idea in the past – or felt it was something they couldn't do themselves.

In Wix, our reviewers could do it all- they could build 1-page type parallax designs, even insert videos, do different backgrounds, and add all the features and functionality you could imagine, never using any codes.

Wix is a public company and from their financial reports the percentage of paid users to free has been going up for the last few years – a good sign that people are happy with the service.

Overall their services are reasonably priced, and come with a ton of great resources for start-up businesses and other types of websites.

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